Haute Ski Vacation Drop-Off


Estee and Olive. Beaver Creek, Colorado. 2013.

Estee, who has been in the fashion industry for years, has great style..classic with a hint of funkiness.  Her daughter Olive is a designer babe..so cute!! They are a Miami family on vacation in Colorado.

Fashion Notes: ESTEE (mom) Coat: United Bamboo, Boots: Rag & Bone, Sunglasses: Ray Ban. OLIVE (baby) Coat: Chloe and Boots: Ugg

Haute Modern Day Greaser

Tab DadTab Dad 2

This was a dream spotting this dude… he is a modern day greaser, not only driving a vintage cadillac, but drinking Tab (let’s hope they’ve changed the ingredients).  I love seeing someone who expresses themselves through style. This is what style is about.. it’s not following trends or wearing head to toe labels, but being creative and taking risks.

From the vintage black penny loafers paired with argyle socks, cuffed jeans, tropical shirt (I mean that is hard to pull off and make cool) and the insane vintage cadillac convertible  – – awesomeness in all its glory..  and the Tab is the perfect prop to this 1960’s stylin’ dude.

HAUTE Beard at Drop-Off

This dad has it SO right… his jeans and plaid button down are fitted perfectly.  The slight roll of his jeans and killer pointy very british looking shoes with buckles… and he looks great in simple wayfarers… Just overall cool style.. not too much, but just right.


Mara loves Short Shorts. Haute Short Shorts Defense in HuffPost.

“…….I felt insulted.  Didn’t they notice my OTHER cool fashion choices? The little socks I had paired with strappy sandals, or my mom’s 1970s Il Bisonte bucket bag?  I had been marked by suburban mothers and nicknamed “short-shorts.”  Not only did I feel like a newest cast member of MTV’s Jersey Shore, but now had a new line to add to my list of insecurities.  If only we lived in Paris, those moms would appreciate my sense of style.”