Haute Istanbul. How Much for the Teeny Tiny Chanel Bag?


Istanbul, Turkey. June 2014.

My mom travels a great deal, and even though she is more on the reserved end of the spectrum – she comes through for her daughter, and gets me some great shots.

The bright colors of the head scarves are gorgeous..I wouldn’t be surprised if they are designed by Hermes…I love how this mother is not only chic, but her young daughter equally so, with her dress and sophisticated jacket.  This photo reminds me of Muslim women in Paris, totally covered but dripping in designer accessories, Chanel bags, Louboutin shoes and Hermes head scarves.

Last year, I walked into Chanel on Rue Royale in Paris hoping to purchase a small bag i’ve been coveting.  I looked for a sales person to show me the handbag.. I noticed a line of bags, about 20 on the glass counter…with no pause, this woman dressed in what seemed to be a burka, and gorgeous scarf, announced “I will take them all”.  “Take them all?” I thought, as I pondered whether I should buy something material for such a large sum..I left with nothing that morning, while this woman left in the Chanel private store Mercedes filled with 20 hand bags, well 21.  Because in my feeling bad that the bag I loved will sit lonely on  a store shelf, I convinced her to add this “reasonably priced” bag to her collection…If I couldn’t enjoy it, someone should.

So maybe because she saves on clothes, her money goes to accessories? No, I don’t think so.  Because underneath her Burka, I imagine is a full designer outfit, probably with the tags of Celine and Balenciaga.

Wether it’s designer or a creative combination of clothing and accessories, It’s just exciting to see how people dress all over the world-  you can learn so much about religion and culture, all by mere observation.

Thanks Barbara (mama) for the fashion shot!!