Haute Brooklyn. Park Slope Drop-Off.


Lynley. Park Slope, Brooklyn. June 2014.

I stopped Lynley on the street to ask directions (I know so uncool, especially in NY).  Soon, I learned that this mama is a designer at Osh-Kosh. The silky cover up is Lynley’s own design.  I adore stylish cover ups, they are so versatile.  They can be worn over a sleeveless dress, a tank, cut off shorts – you name it.  A cover up like Lynley’s adds feminine details.  If your ams have been in hiding all winter and look as white as paper, here’s a great option to conceal those pasty triceps.

If your dress is a little va-va-voom and you want your walk to the subway to be free of googly eye stares; once again, this is a perfect solution.  And you can take it off when you arrive at your destination (it will fit in a small bag).

I know. I know.  I give such sage advice – it’s quite profound.  Enjoy my friends  – Brooklyn Street Style.