Mara and “Cheesy” Jeans


Mara. Marin County. October 2014.

Fashion Notes: Jeans: MOTHER, Top: Isabel Marant, Fringe Bag: Zara, Ankle Boots: BCBG, Cocktail Ring : Vintage, Paris. Cuff and Beaded Earrings: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Bangles: Turkey Street Market, Hoops: Target

When I bought these jeans off the sale rack in Aspen, my family said they saw the salesperson high five her co-worker..because according to these comedians, these “ugly” jeans were on sale for two years. My sister-in-law said they look great on me, especially the behind…so of course I bought them.  And I think I worked them out, what do you think?

I mixed the jeans with bohemian pieces to take away from any “cheesy” situation…the beat up ankle boots and hippie bag, all give the jeans a less harsh look.  My stomach looks more exposed here, but my belly button was covered  – the jeans are tight, so an exposed stomach is not the best bet with this shape.

Speaking of ankle boots, I get attached to the worn in look of my own, but they look dirty and “improper”, ya know the rule, no one should have scuffed heels…no, no, no!!  I think it’s time to find a good shoe maker in Marin County.


Haute Soccer. Land of “hip” Beer Drop-Off.

DSC_1139DSC_1141Courtney. Lagunitas, California. April 2014.

Courtney grew up in Seattle, where she claims people dress for comfort and weather- – -can you imagine? I know.  I also was shocked.  Brands like North Face, Lands End and Patagonia rule the fashion scene.  But as I analyzed Courtney’s comments, and went to a much deeper fashion place..I realized Courtney grew up in an important city responsible for one of the most talked about period in fashion history..GRUNGE.

In the 1990’s, the entire fashion industry took cue and designed complete collections based on what was on the streets and music clubs in Seattle.  And more amazing is that Seattle is still impacting fashion, open any magazine, walk around any cosmopolitan city..and Grunge is everywhere.  Personally, I adore this look.

As most of you know, I have issue looking tailored and totally put together.  Like my personality, messy is just me..I look unkempt naturally (wild wavy hair), so why not go with what suits me? So I am thrilled that a city like Seattle loosened up the “perfect” styles that sauntered down the runways, and made way for high end designers to create ripped Jeans at a price of $400.00 –  the more distressed the garment, the higher the price tag.

My advice before word gets out, run to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or local used clothing store and grab the grungy looks before the “people” catch on!!

This photo was taken in a cool area outside of San Francisco, Lagunitas.  Most of you know the beer Lagunitas, and this is the town it’s brewed.  Lagunitas is a true hippie area, gorgeous nature, lots of bearded men, small local stores and a real sense of community.  People i’ve met who grew up in this town, seem to have parents who are musicians, and were raised on a tour bus part of their lives..

Most of them continue to ask ME tons of questions about my wild childhood being raised by an accountant and a social worker – – -They don’t even know how crazy my house got, family meetings to discuss our feelings and if you threw away a receipt, whoa you were dead meat – my dad needed those..all of them.

Good day I funny? I think so.

Fashion Notes: hooded white washed jean/sweatshirt jacket: Free People, Pants: Lululemon Studio Pants, Gray Moccasins: Minnetonka, T-shirt: Gap, Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani. Kid: vintage soccer jacket

Haute Parents. Central Park Drop-Off


New York City. Central Park. April 2014.

Young parents. Over the knee boots, cropped shirts and acid wash are all over NYC streets..a throw back style. I spotted a complete acid wash “denim suit”, that was incredible to see.

NYC gives us so much in regard to fashion sightings…I can never get enough!