Haute Dad. Cali Farmers Market Drop-Off.


David. Dad. Photographer. San Rafael Farmers Market. August 2014.

This dad of three boys was minding his own business buying tacos from a food truck for his kids, when I accosted him to take a shot for Haute Drop-Off.  San Rafael has an enormous farmer’s market on Thursdays and Sundays – it’s pretty fun to eat samples and chat with the venders.  I never know what to buy for future use, so I pretty much eat my way through the market.  It’s a great people watching spot and I can bribe my kids to let me photograph people, and I will reward them with a Nutella crepe, or raspberries for Neal – I think Neal witnessing Liam (my youngest) and me engulfing a crepe, has turned him off from crepes in general.

David mentioned that he is a photographer . . this always makes me nervous, only because we all know I am working on my photography skills. I’m great with the talking and spotting, but my photo capturing needs some work..and I am pretty sure I need a new camera, or at least i’ll blame it on that.

Fashion Notes: Glasses: Ray Ban Aviators, Jeans: Levi’s, Shirt: Fred Perry and Kicks: I’m guessing Vans.  I didn’t want to push this dad, it’s awkward enough when a stranger approaches you asking to take a photo of you and your kids, and even more uncomfortable when they have to peak inside their garments to see “what they are wearing” to appease me…

I love capturing male style, especially dads..because they are usually totally willing to let me photograph them, and too polite to ask questions. And then when I run into them again, I usually get to hear about their little moment of fashion recognition by their friends and family.


Former Model? Haute Dad. Summer Drop-Off.


Steven. Dad. Writer. Marin Country Mart. Marin County, California. June 2014.

Spotted this model looking dad yesterday, and ran after him, of course! Just eating ice cream on a gorgeous California summer day…it’s actually not Miami hot, you can sit outside.

Steven is a writer, busy completing a novel. Taking a break from the keyboard to spend time with his adorable and well behaved little girl.

Fashion Notes: Steven is dressed pretty classically  – but with slight edge.. like his amazing tattoo, “only the strong survive” inked across his chest (zoom in). Jeans: Sean John, Kicks: Coach, Earrings: Diamond Studs.


Papa’s Got a Brand New Dress. Haute Fairfax.


Duncan. Nurse. Dad. Stilt Walker. Fairfax, California. June 2014.

I spent the day hanging at the Fairfax Festival in Marin County, California.  What seems like a typical town, is just so not.  I was waiting in line at the ATM, when two guys announce, “so guys, are you all waiting in line for Grateful Dead tickets..because if so, you really are going to need a miracle.” That made me laugh, and appreciate the continued hippie vibe so present in this funky little town of Fairfax, California.

To me, watching people is an art form..I may even say it’s my hobby..and the visions presented to me at the festival were amazing.  Costumes galore, cross dressing, semi-nudity, bohemian music festival style and real hippie style..all great to see.  And then I spotted Duncan…

This wasn’t my brother Seth’s quick walk around his LA neighborhood in a dress, this dad was serious.  He was dressed in full costume, the only thing off were his shoes.. but hey, it’s tough being a “full” woman in heels.  I am not sure why he didn’t wear heels, when the man walks on stilts as a hobby.  Now, the thing about Fairfax is no one bats an eyelash..it’s a town so engrained in self expression, it’s just not a big deal to see a cross dressing dad. I really love that.  I do think when Duncan’s daughter is older, she may ask her dad to wear something a little less old fashioned 🙂

This is my Father’s Day Fashion Shot!!!


Haute Fashion Designer Papa. NYC Drop-Off


Jay. Dad. Writer. Fashion Designer. New York City. June 2014

Jay is a fashion designer, owner of Jay Kos http://www.jaykos.com and writes in the Style section of The New York Observer, http://observer.com/author/jay-kos/.  He recently published a piece about why men should “hit the bottle” and don fragrance daily.  While I personally love the smell of “man o’natural”, it’s pretty sexy to smell a slight (and I mean slight, don’t bathe in fragrance like you are a 15 year old) fragrance on a man.  I love more “hippie” scents like fragrant oils and patchouli.  I also enjoy smelling the cheesy colognes of my Miami youth – it just does something to me.  Jay’s article will help guide all you manly men toward choosing the fragrance that pleases your senses.

Jay is a designer, a creator and loves all aspects of design.  Jay describes his clothing line; “rock-n-roll mixed with classics, so from python jeans to baby blue suits all made in Italy and France.”  Additionally this writer and designer is expanding to chocolatier, with a line of Jay Kos chocolate bars coming out next month.

When in NYC, check out Jay Kos on Mott Street or visit his website, www.jaykos.com.


Fashion Notes for above photo: Jay: Apparel and accessories (including jewelry) all Jay Kos.  Jay’s son: t-shirt: Kitson Kids, jeans: Finger in the Nose, hat: Knicks, necklaces: Jay Kos


Haute Boho Funky. Mom and Dad at Drop-Off


Aaron, Tomi & Sid. San Rafael, California. May 2014.

Fashion Notes: They love to find pieces at yard sales, local surf shops and small boutiques for jewelry.  Additionally, they love making their own jewelry as Aaron is a gem prospector – -they love GEMS!

I followed this couple on their way into Whole Foods, they just looked so quintessential Northern California in a GREAT way – They kindly obliged and posed like pros – and I get the benefit of learning about people and getting a sneak peak into their lives… love that.


Sweet Face. Tough Tattoos. Haute Papa.


Joey. San Francisco, California. May 2014.

This dad and his daughter have quite a cute bond..her little pink converse and summer romper is quite stylish, I must say.  And I love Joey’s tattoos paired with such a sweet looking face.

Fashion Notes: Seven Jeans, Oakley Sunglasses, Timberland like Boots and baseball t-shirt.

Haute Firefighter Papa. Fairfax Drop-Off.


Giuliano. Dad. Firefighter. Fairfax, California. May 2014.

Giuliano grew up in San Francisco, and you can easily assess that – he surfs, mountain bikes, loves food and gave me a suggestion for a great local beer garden – where people take kids, usually on the backs of their very expensive bikes.

Fashion Notes: Giuliano has a look – it’s cool – the beard, ripped jeans rolled up, the chunky distressed leather belt and of course the amazing mountain bike shoes.  He’s Italian -American, and seems to reflect the European lifestyle well.

Haute Mohawk Dad. Hardcore Daddy. Cali Drop-Off.


Jason. San Rafael, California. April 2014.

Jason walked into this pizza place with a look reminiscent of the amazing styles seen at  hardcore/punk shows.  It’s awesome to see a sweet dad who continues to express himself as an individual…love this! And love the mohawk, it’s impressive how well held together it is..what product does he use?

Jason is wearing a Noi!se T-shirt, Noi!se is a street punk band based in Seattle.  Check them out at http://destinycitynoise.blogspot.com