Surfin’ Skatin’ Stylin’ Do-Goodin’ Dad. Haute Surf Shop.


Nate. Dad. Surfer. Entrepreneur.

I met Nate at Proof Lab Surf Shop, probably one of the “raddest” (I am trying to use the West Coast lingo) places for any kid or adult. Proof Lab not only has a wide variety of California style clothing and accessories, but they create surfboards and skateboards depending on your individual needs.  Being the huge surfer I am, Nate and his crew built me a long board so I can hit those huge California waves… okay fine, I am lying, I only wish to be that cool.

But that’s the great thing about this special spot in Mill Valley, California, Nate and his partners have purposely created a shop which is so much more.. you can hang out at Proof Lab all day, especially if you have young kids who love music, surfing or skateboarding…and they are actually fine with people who don’t know when to leave a party, if you know what I mean.. hang out, no one will throw you out, I promise.

This amazing facility includes a huge half pipe with skateboards and helmets you can borrow, music lessons for all ages, music studios to record, an art studio, skateboard lessons with skate pro Matt Field, surfing and skate camps etc… Oh and you can also get a really great cup of coffee at Equator!

To learn more about Proof Lab, click on this link

Fashion Notes: Nate is wearing all clothing and accessories from Proof Lab, including the surf board (in the first photo), designed by a local artist. When Nate is not busy running Proof Lab, he’s teaching his little man how to catch some waves, in only the best styling gear all sold at Proof Lab.


Chris Martin Vibe at Drop-Off


Dan, Jackson and Daisy. Proof Lab. Mill Valley, California. November 2013.

I hate to make this parallel because this dad is a Brit, but he resembles Mr. Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Fashion Notes: Gio Goi Jacket, this British company was founded in the 1980’s and re-opened in 2005, Jeans: G-Star and Boots: Palladium

Proof Lab a cool spot with an indoor skateboarding ramp, surf boards, music studios and surfing/skating inspired apparel, it’s THE spot.