Haute Artist. Surfer. Dad. Weekend Soccer Drop-Off.


Ton. Artist. Residential Designer. Surfer. Dad. Fairfax, California. October 2013.

Ton, a naturally handsome dude with natural style.  Ton enjoys quality in the materials he chooses for his art and when working on designing a home, this also is apparent in the clothing he wears.  An avid surfer, Ton picks fabric warm enough to throw on after a surf session in the gorgeous, but chilly Bay Area waters.

Fashion Notes: Chocolate leather Swedish clogs by Troentorps, http://www.troentorpsclogs.com/, I worship these! Jacket: Patagonia, www.patagonia.com most of you know I don’t consider “outdoor brands” fashion, but more utilitarian.  Ton wears it well, and there is something about seeing a Patagonia jacket which brings back memories of my Boston college days and many West Coast outdoor adventures sleeping in tents on a sandy beach and hiking to the most gorgeous mountain peaks.  His Irish School Boy Cap, a great accessory to bring it all together.