Oakland Parents got Some Style…


Matt and Naomi. February 2016. Marin County, California. February 2016.

Matt is a food entrepreneur and Naomi is an emergency room Doctor. They live their very stylish lives in Oakland, California  – where all the “cool” Bay Area people live… For some reason, well for several reasons, Oakland has a lot more style then the rest of the Bay Area. In my opinion, that’s due to Oakland’s history, particularly starting in the 1960’s.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Black Panther Party, Hell’s Angels, bands like Sly and the Family Stone and the funk music scene all had a major presence in Oakland. It was in the 1980’s, where so many acts were born in Oakland, such as Digital Underground, En Vogue, MC Hammer and Tupac Shakur. For me, this style of 1970’s-1990’s fashion in music, particularly in rap, hip hop and rock taking place in urban neighborhoods has the most influence. I’m pretty sure that’s why, I always get lot’o style compliments when walking around Brooklyn and Oakland – – in these cities my “Mara-ness” is appreciated.

The style that was in Oakland, before it’s change to “hipster” culture, is what interests me the most. From the black turtle necks and berets of Black Panther members to the narrow bell bottoms of Sly and the Family Stone to the perfectly sculpted abs, gold chains and red bandana of Tupac Shakur (man, he was gorgeous).


What do you think of Matt’s seer sucker blazer? Love the light colors, and that they are all wearing light fabrics, it’s all once again very French.


Naomi and her new baby, her skin is flawless  -does breastfeeding do that? I lasted for two weeks total, with both kids. And I didn’t have a cool sling like Naomi’s – Miami is really hot, so it’s much more difficult to do “attachment parenting”.


I love clogs, they remind me of Berkeley and my mom’s friend Linda. I would slip my foot into her sexy clogs and make that amazingly loud noise on the hard floors. “One day’, I thought to myself, “I’m going to make that clunking heel sound”…and not only did I make that sound, I never stopped.


I kind of love Matt’s mustache, it’s not groomed and perfectly trimmed. I love facial hair, but when it’s messy – something about facial hair on men being perfectly groomed is not a look I appreciate fashion wise. The wave of Naomi’s hair is naturally beautiful – most people spend so much time flat ironing their hair  – but a little wave is so youthful.


Haute Long Mane. Oakland Drop-Off.

DSC_2226Oakland, California. Summer 2014.

The incredibly long hair – pencil skirt-large hoops, all makes this mom look like a women who makes an effort regarding her appearance. Her tank top is from American Apparel, and it’s custom made.  I had no idea you can “make your own t-shirts” at American Apparel.

When I was little, all I wanted was a “make your own t-shirt” party.  I don’t think that was a common theme, but it was a party I needed to have…I guess my interests were pretty obvious.

I love that my kids are sneaking in the photo – I think it gets annoying to deal with a mother who stops to take photos, and of course I end up talking to all my subjects – it’s just so interesting to meet new people.

Happy Labor Day. I’m spending Labor Day in NYC. So much going on today, Central Park is filled with tourists and locals, even on a muggy, overcast day.

Haute Bun. Oakland Style. Cutest Mama Ever at Drop-Off.


Erica. Oakland, California. August 2014.

I love her!! Erica and her daughter are insanely cute..She has an urban Paris/Tokyo look. The high bun, the flat sandals paired with a short dress.. and then the layered necklaces…This mom knows what she’s doing, that’s for sure.

Fashion Notes: Shoes: Forever 21, Jewelry: Root 21, Handbag: Claire’s, High Bun: Beauty Supply Store (I want one)

In addition to being a stylish mom, Erica works at The Gap.

Haute Pink Lips in Oakland.


DSC_2216Angelina. Oakland, California. August 2014.

Fashion Notes: Kicks: Converse, Dress: Forever 21, Hoops: Wet Seal, Hat: Forever 21, Pink Lips: Wet and Wild, but Mac usually

Many kids on the West Coast haven’t started school – so Angelina was hanging at the Oakland Zoo with her adorable son.  When I spotted Angelina, I dropped everything, including my own kids, to take her photo.  She’s sexy and stylish – I love when I see moms who don’t give up on fashion after they have kids – Angelina is a make-up pro – her lips and eyes are amazing!!! Check out the close up.

Angelina told me the cheap lipstick actually lasts longer….

I always want to wear bright lipstick, but my son Neal has banned me from walking out of the house  with bright red lips – maybe I look like a clown?


Haute Furniture Maker. Oakland Play Date Drop-Off.

cara 2

Cara. Mom. Artist. Furniture Maker. Oakland, California. October 2013.

Cara recently re-located back to Oakland (her hometown) from Seattle, where she was creating furniture and art, and I mean hands on building – Cara's ability to work amazingly well with her hands is a true talent, watching her mold metals and woods is pretty inspiring.  Because of my time spent with Cara, I attempted to carve clogs out of wood, my own Mara brand of Swedish Clogs.. only I now only have 9 toes, so I had to make my left clog slightly more narrow–the dangers of being an inexperienced wood worker 🙂

Fashion Notes: Agate Bolo Tie necklace, H&M Tank, Scarf from a Seattle Shop, Vintage men's suit vest (love that!) and shoes are adorable Moccasins.  As an artist, Cara really loves to mix patterns in her clothing and shops at some great local vintage shops in the East Bay such as Penny Penny and Mercy.