A little bit of Pearls go a long way… Haute Drop-Off.


Autumn. Aspen, August 2015.


Posing in front of the volunteer run firehouse in Aspen.

Fashion Notes: Sandals: Cooperative from Urban Outfitters, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Dress: Cerre, Hat: Barney’s New York’s private label


Autumn was raised in Aspen and after living in Los Angeles and London, she and her man (a Brit) decided to raise their family in this gorgeous town.  I love hanging out with Autumn in Aspen because she knows everyone and is so fun! Even with a “newish” baby, Autumn makes time to go out. It’s hard being a new mom, and very important to remember your individual self outside of motherhood  –


How cute are they? Love Autumn’s use of layering with her pearl chains. And her exposed shoulders add a little classy sexy edge…

Sexy Legs at Drop-Off. Mini-Dress in Marin.


Lisa. Psychologist. Dancer. Fashion Lover. Marin County, California. May 2015.

Love the combination of an open toe Jil Sander ankle boot/heel with a min-dress and cropped jean jacket. Funny, because this was my Miami look, when I lived there. And slowly as I’ve been living in Marin, I’ve moved away from my short dresses.


Lisa dances several times a week..those legs!

Fashion Notes: Bag: Goyard, Aviators: Ray Ban, Heels: Jil Sander, Dress: Mara Hoffman, Jean Jacket: Saint Laurent


Watch: Cartier, Bracelet: Gump’s San Francisco


well, I think I may take up dancing. Lisa was raised on the East Coast, and loves clothing..she is definitely a mixer, but likes specific designers.

Haute Drop-Off South Africa.


Kruger Park, South Africa. May 2015.

Years ago, I had the pleasure of spending time in Cape Town, and meeting the incredible South Africans living in a Township. I was welcomed with open arms, and was inspired by the programs the community, a financially poor one, created for its kids. The schools were housed in shipping containers, and the teacher’s warmth and determination was palpable, My friend Jan, is visiting Kruger Park in South Africa this week, and sent me photographs of local South African mothers. You know as Americans, we complain about the stress of parenting, but in this community like this, mothering is done with so much love, and attachment parenting still exits.  The love babies get from being held, impacts their lives forever.


When you visit a local township, many people donate financially which helps continue the incredible programs these citizens have developed to make their community stronger. I’m really proud to have had this experience, and to donate to women who I admire greatly.

It truly takes a village, and the love and support these women have for each other is an example for us all. Sometimes, when you don’t have a lot financially, you share the struggle with your community and create incredibly deep bonds. I can’t tell you how much I respect and admire these women.  I wish for continued growth in their communities.


Ferry Building Fashion. Like Minded Mamas Unite.


Mariama. The Ferry Building. San Francisco. 2015.

Mariama is a stylist, originally from New Jersey (love those Jersey peeps) and has been styling in New York for years, recently she and her family re-located to San Francisco. I was with my mom when I met Mariama, we all just bonded. She just had a baby, and still with no sleep – has great style and personality.

Mariama does styling for magazines, film etc… check out her blog for more Mariama inspiration, www.Everythingundertheshade.com

Ferry Building


Fashion Notes: Maxi Cardigan-Zara, Baby Doll Top: Joa from Nasty Gal, Shorts: Man  Repeller for Paterson J. Kincaid, Sneakers: Reebok Classic Hightops, Earrings: Dior Tribales, http://www.dior.com/couture/en_us/womens-fashion/accessories/earrings, Sunglasses: Miu Miu.  It’s pretty interesting that Dior is making Tribal earrings..talk about taking inspiration from indigenous tribes. Fashion designers have been doing that forever, but most likely they got the idea from walking city streets.


Let’s discuss my mutual love of Reebok high tops..it’s so exciting to see them on the streets. Practical and stylish – -and it makes any look so much cooler.

Ferry Building 2

I love wearing a long cardigan, especially when I’m in a city in a short skirt – it helps with the wind factor, and adds some protection from obvious and slight embarrassment.

What a Babe. Haute in The City.

CP 1

Jennifer. Central Park. April 2015.

I love Jennifer’s sunglasses. They are different and add instant style to whatever she wears.

Watch: Hermès, www.hermes.com, Glasses: Illesteva, http://illesteva.com, cashmere turtle neck: Ralph Lauren, www.ralphlauren.com

CP 2

I had to meet this mom, who accomplished something, I just can’t.  She looks stunning in a cashmere turtle neck.  Jennifer’s style is casual and chic with a little added funk.


So in case you don’t know, these are Golden Goose sneakers.  They are the fashion sneaker for the fashion set, who make sacrifices to buy $500.00 kicks.  I get the love of funky sneakers..when you live in a city, cool kicks are a worthwhile investment.


CP 3

Back pockets on sweat pants do a world of good to your backside.


Digging the orange Hermès wrap around watch..it’s like a bracelet.

Haute Papa at COSTCO. Yup, Mara has no Shame.


Darryl. Marin County Costco. (California) January 2015

Fashion Notes: Arm Ink: In Seattle at Slave to the Needle, fitted button down: Scotch & Soda, Shoes: Cole Haan for Nike, Jeans: Seven.

I normally attest Costco, and find myself annoyed at spending time at a land of consumerism with no windows and items in bulk. It seems so American over consumption..and maybe I sound snobby, but I will tell you I actually had a great time running around Costco this week.  I snacked on delicious Marconi almonds and found a cool looking dad for Haute Drop Off.

I imagine Darryl didn’t expect to be accosted by a fellow Costco shopper, especially one walking around aimlessly quite distracted by all the choices.  But he let me take some shots, and he even re-located to the Mini-Wheats for the Costco photo shoot.

Then, people started asking me for samples, so I ripped open the huge bag of organic dried apples.  I was so good at passing out samples, until a Costco “employee” informed me that I really was stealing merchandise, and needed to leave. (yea, I know, it’s shocking, especially when I was doing a good deed)

Darryl recently re-located from Seattle to Marin County with his family.  He works at Intel as an Engineer.

Haute Sunday Surf Session. Beach Drop-Off.


Consuelo. Delray Beach, Florida. October 2014.

Surfers Rule in my book!!!

Consuelo is a busy mom, running her website, www.latingringas.com – Growing up in Miami, all of us are somehow “Latin Gringas”, Consuelo raised in Argentina, has lived on the East and West coast, and observed Latin-Americans living in the states – and she has some funny Larry David commentary…

Delray Beach, a town my grandparents moved to from NY, was known for being a retirement area for North Easterners..now it’s grown, and apparently is an artsy, hip and lively community. The beaches are also beautiful and warm…ahhhh I miss warm beaches!

Consuelo has a great time in life, and besides surfing and writing, she does voice overs in Spanish and English. Obviously not a fashion shot today, but a a cool mom doing a cool activity on a gorgeous Sunday.