Little White Pocketbooks are so Haute. Aspen Drop-Off.


Caryn. Aspen, Colorado. August 2014.

Caryn likes quality, as I assessed during our conversation about fashion.  Residing in Miami with her husband and two kids, Caryn was another lucky mama able to enjoy the incredible Aspen summer.  When I talk about Aspen, I feel a little weird, because it sounds a bit out of touch..and I get that most people aren’t using “summering” as a verb – i’m certainly not.

Like i’ve mentioned before, Miami is brutal in the summer and people who can escape the humidity to hike, bike and be outside in gorgeous Aspen – definitely take full advantage. This is why Aspen is filled with Dallas and Miami visitors in the summer – they all need an escape.   Aspen is a town filled with high end stores, amazing thrift shops (I will share my finds soon), music festivals (mostly classical and Jazz), bars, free buses etc… It’s a gift to be able to breathe the fresh air in the summer and spend time with my family.

And talk about music..besides the incredible musicians you hear all over town, studying at the prestigious Aspen Music School, Aspen is also home to the iconic Belly Up.  Belly Up is a special place to hear music in an intimate setting.  We saw Ryan Adams, Super Diamond (The Neil Diamond cover band) and Aimee Mann and Ted Leo.  Every night at Belly Up is another impressive band..some less known..some famous..but all really unique and talented.  And back to fashion….

I LOVE Caryn’s white Celine handbag.  White “pocketbooks” were really big this summer, I got an amazing one..and will be wearing it all year, winter white baby! And I’m pretty confident white leather boots, will be worn on the most fashionable feet this fall….

Fashion Notes: Handbag: Celine, Shorts: J.Crew, Cashmere Sweater: Chan Luu, purchased at the boutique 02 Aspen, Sunglasses: Prada, Watch: Cartier and Flip-Flops: Louis Vuitton

Haute Aspen. Mara Drop-Off Shot.


Mara and Asher. Aspen. August 2014.

Here with my gorgeous nephew Asher in Aspen – hanging out at the park.

Fashion Notes: Mostly Zara – Vintage Coach… Lace top. Long cardigan. rushed to get dressed for an Aspen night out.

Haute Miami Mom in Aspen. Army Looks Rule this Summer.


Christina. Aspen, Colorado. August. 2014.

Christina is visiting Aspen from Miami..Aspen is a summer escape for many in Miami who can afford and want to escape from the debilitating humidity…Miami in the summer is like winter up North, you pretty much stay inside or in a body of water.

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to spend time in Aspen, even though I live in a place that happens to be gorgeous in the summer.  Aspen is a great place to spend with the ones you love -music, hiking, food, parks and even free buses, because of the town’s wealth, services are abundant.  The students at Aspen’s famed Music School serenade residents and tourists at the local bakery Paradise, with classical renditions of modern and old songs.  Intellectually Aspen rules with the prestigious Aspen Institute, fostering leadership, free dialogue and thinking  - with multiple programs running all year.  I think of it as college for adults…

Fashion Notes: Army Shirt: Zadig & Voltaire and Shorts: Anthropology

Haute Aspen. Outdoorsy Style Rules.


Delfina. Aspen, Colorado. August 2014.

This shot was taken at the Aspen Skating Competition – it was so awesome to watch skaters fly on the half pipe – from young kids to men and women. Originally from Argentina, Delfina currently makes her home in Aspen, where she works as a mental health counselor.

Aspen style is all about combining athletic gear with stylish pieces – to make it look not so “athletic”.  Ya see in Aspen, most people hike, bike, rock climb, raft, kayak… everyone is prepared.  It’s a Lulu Lemon/Gucci combination kind of town..and throw in some bohemian Moccasins for good measure..

Fashion Notes: Bag: Nine West, Kicks: Guess, Jacket: Lulu Lemon, Glasses: Michael Kors

She’s a Luxury Bohemian. Haute Style Aspen.

DSC_2073Wendy. Mom. Therapist. Aspen, Colorado. August 2014.

Wendy lives in Miami Beach and is on vacation with her family in the amazing town of Aspen.  They were watching a famous Aspen summer event, The Ducky Derby, where millions of rubber ducks are emptied in a river, purchased by visitors and residents of Aspen – to raise money for local charities.  The ducks are recycled each year, and it’s so fun to observe the wholesome excitement of the town.

I know Wendy personally, and have always been a fan of her style.  Miami has a specific style, and when I lived there, it was refreshing to see Wendy’s own “designer boho” look.  She combines a bit of natural sexiness with funky accessories, which creates this young, urban look.  Wendy is wearing a lot of luxury designer pieces, but she is an expert at combining pieces – creating her own unique style.

Fashion Notes: Glasses: Oliver Peoples, Kicks: Prada, Handbag (I love): Henry Beguelin, Black Dress: Cynthia Vincent, Bracelets: Mi and Ro and Cartier, Watch: Rolex, and funky earrings and necklace purchased in Park City and Aspen by local designers


Georgia On My Mind. Church is looking Haute.


Shaniqua. Cleveland, Georgia. August 2014.

This photo was taken in front of a Baptist Church in the North Georgia town of Cleveland, Georgia.  I spent most childhood summers at a sleep-a-way camp in the North Georgia Mountains.  It was at camp where I was adopted by incredible women who worked in the kitchen at camp – through this connection, that is like family, I learned about African-American Southern culture and was exposed to church, Baptist and Methodist.  I always loved the music and passion at the Baptist church..for a little girl to witness people clapping, yelling and singing on a Sunday morning was quite inspirational, even if I didn’t believe in most of what was being preached.  I did believe in being kind and accepting, and that’s what I witnessed as a child and now.

I brought my own kids into the churches and the warmth was felt immediately.  Little kids came over to my kids with lollipops – I ran into people who knew me when I was 7 years old…It was amazing.  The style of a southern church is exciting – hats, fans, bright colors..I adore all of it.  And the younger generation is dressed casually, which is completely accepted, because being there is more important.

Here is a young mom and her gorgeous little boy (who walked right up to my boys and held their hands).  White Jeans, Leopard Print Blouse, Gladiator sandals, Oval hoops – This mom looks great…. love it.

Find it in your Mother-in-Law’s Closet. Haute LA Style.


Hillary. Mom. Actor. San Francisco, California. July 2014.

I spotted Hillary near the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  She and her family were taking a little break from their home in Los Angeles, to discover San Francisco with the kids.  Hillary looked so stylish sitting on the bench, and I knew she had to be wearing vintage – -and of course I was right :)

Fashion Notes: Leather Backpack, 1970′s Skirt straight from her mother-in-law’s closet and romantic, lacy blouse from a boutique in the Netherlands. Love Hillary’s lace up black boots.  Her kids have adorable style, not surprised as LA is filled with great kids clothing stores.

Most of my life, i’ve been rummaging through closets – especially my grandmother – mother- friends of my moms etc.. it’s the BEST place to shop and find unique pieces. I’ve also spent a lot of money re-doing pieces or ruining them by making them so short, I can’t even wear them.  I have great clutches and accessories from my relatives – and the best thing is, when you wear them you carry around the person you love – I always look to see if my grandmother left a lipstick or handkerchief….