Haute Family. San Francisco Drop-Off.


San Francisco, California. July 2014.

Fashion Notes: Dad, Jeans: Lucky, Jacket: Levi’s, Shoes: Vans, Shirt: Target.  Mom, Shorts and Shirt: Therapy, Jacket: Hive & Honey, Bag: Marc Jacobs, Shoes: Vans. Baby: Ikea bib and Gap Onesie

I met this cute family walking around Hayes Valley this week.  Both are in the software field and are recently new parents – this baby is gorgeous!

Haute Irish Bloke. San Francisco Drop-Off.


David. Dad. Business Executive at Gap. Fillmore Street. San Francisco. July 2014.

Fashion Notes: Jacket: Scotch and Soda, Clothing and shoes: Banana Republic/Gap

David works for Gap corporate and makes great use big brand apparel.  He’s a well dressed Irish bloke living in San Francisco with his family.  How cute are his kids peaking at the pastries in the enclosed case – what a great moment.

I spent the day yesterday “styling” my cousin, and he purchased jeans at Scotch & Soda – a company founded in Amsterdam – the apparel has a great European look that’s almost regal. David looks so put together and classic, while maintaing a very cool, preppy style -

Paris Drop-Off. Haute Mother/Daughter Style.


Mother. Daughter. Paris. Summer 2014.

Fashion shot: Bobby Peruch

Bobby, who epitomizes style..he’s been on Haute Drop-Off, sent this photo from the streets of Paris.  Haute Drop-Off usually focuses on younger kids, but how amazing to see grown up children and their parents – especially looking this stylish.

Summer in Paris – the colors, the fabrics, the beauty..it’s just a city that bleeds style..and I can’t get enough.  Once you live in a city like Paris, you become so accustom to dressing chic, it’s just part of your routine…

Thanks Bobby!

Betsey. Playboy. Paris. Models. Famed Photographer. Haute.


Bronwyn Chovel. Paris, France. July 2014. Mom. Model. Artist Rep.

Fashion Notes: Dress: Besty Johnson, Sandals: Purchased in Greece, Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Bronwyn’s little girl is wearing a hand smocked cotton dress.

Bronwyn is not Parisian – she actually hails from Miami, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bronwyn has been modeling for years, and currently with all her experience as a client, is representing artists.  One of her clients is famed photographer, Greg Lotus who currently shot the cover of the August Playboy. Greg’s work can be seen in Vogue, W, Vanity Fair, Out etc.. Bronwyn is surrounded by the creative, after being in the fashion industry modeling for years – - – I want to hang out with Bronwyn and Greg for a few hours!!

I spotted Bronwyn (even though we had been connected through several people) at a famed Mill Valley spot, The Sweetwater Music Hall.  It was a week day morning, and a beautiful, chic and sophisticated woman sat sipping coffee at the bar.  Bronwyn has that I’m “somebody” model look, but not in an offensive way – because it’s all unintentional.  Bronwyn is sweet, kind and hails from a family filled with loving, fun people -

Now back to Bronwyn’s dress – - -Betsey Johnson and I have been best friends for years, ever since I would sift through her sales basket in her Coconut Grove Store (which has been closed for years).  I’m lying, but in my imagination Betsey and I were great friends.  She did cart wheels at the end of all her runway shows, and I once exchanged words with her cool daughter, Lulu when I was living in NYC working in fashion.

My passion for Betsey was formed early in my fashion development.  I actually wore a Betsey Johnson plaid, punk looking dress to every Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera and debutante coming out party  -remember I grew up in Miami, we had lots of parties from the age of 12-16.  I knew most of the salespeople in the Miami store, only because I felt it was okay to hang around the store as it were a contemporary art museum…looking, but not purchasing any of the great works.

The women in the Miami store were gorgeous – after all, it was Miami.  They weren’t totally hip, like their Colombus Avenue counterparts.  But Miami salespeople, made Betsey Johnson clothing damn sexy..and as inappropriate as it sounds now, that 11 year old child wanted to look just like them.  I promised myself, I would one day work at Betsey Johnson.

Betsey’s clothing was a combination of funky, sexy, cool and didn’t follow any particular seasonal trend.  Even at 11, I could spot a Betsey Johnson garment – - she stuck to her fashion ideals, and continued to be unique.  I never did get that job at BetseyJohnson, but always appreciate how her clothing somehow, made me feel passionate and excited to be a part of the crazy, artistic world of fashion – - even if her stores didn’t take returns (store credit).

I know Betsey still does cartwheels at the end of all her runway shows – -She makes fashion fun and lighthearted – - As is should be. Here’s a shot of Bronwyn is the ocean – looking chic in a black bikini and you can peak at her discreet tattoo.



Mini-Dress. Blue Toes. Huge Gold Hoops. Haute Summer.


Marin County, California. Summer 2014.

I just think this mom is adorable.  She’s really tall and thin – so her mini dress looks amazing, and appropriate for a day at the carnival with her kids.  Oh to be tall – thinks look so different on the curvy and shorter women.

Blue toes  - great hat – floral dress – huge gold hoops (a Mara favorite) summer is in full swing peeps. Take note and have fun!!

Haute Dads. Mara’s Style Tips for the Dudes.


Ian. Dad. Chiropractor. Fairfax, California

I really like this photo – I realize Ian doesn’t look like a style icon (sorry Ian). But he has a cool look that I really appreciate. I’m a huge fan of low key male style – I like that Ian hasn’t “tried” too hard.

Like I’ve mentioned before, most dads in Marin County are in a band – were in a band or their the children of rock stars..so it tends to rub off on the overall fashion of this gorgeous part of the world.  And I dig it.

I think it doesn’t come easy to many men, especially ones thrust into fatherhood – to look cool.  I mean when you have to carry gear for toddlers, it’s tough.  But dads you have no excuse, you don’t need to leave your style in the past because you are a father – it just takes a tiny effort to look great.  Here are a few tips…

Summer Dude Tips:

Shoes:  Dudes you should have a great pair of kicks, like vans (no socks), a brown, vintage looking dressier shoe to wear with jeans – rummage through local vintage or consignment shops, you will score some amazing old school shoes – you can spray them “germ-a-phobes”.  Flip Flops: as simple as possible, I like brown leather thin strapped flip-flops.  And for the winter a cool pair of boots, I love a lace up, worn in black boot.

Jeans: This is a tough one. I say simple as possible, no labels or markings. And most importantly make sure it’s well fitted in the booty.  Bring a friend.

Shorts: Ian has it right..I also love cut off jean shorts, but this is risky territory if you are not a fashion maven…Just make sure they are obvious to the eye that they are cut off..this has to be messy – and not too short.

T-shirts:  Simple – please don’t wear athletic t-shirts outside of the gym.  If you are in shape, you can even get away with a tank top in darker colors only!! T-shirts could have names on it like bands etc… just stick to soft cotton.  And make sure the neck is not so high, don’t worry about your hairy chest peaking out- women like that – you are a man, we love to see that (as long as you are not wearing a huge gold chain)!!

Hats: Love them – baseball – school boy – that’s probably what you should choose from, the other options are a bit more complicated to pull off.

Mara’s Miami Drop-Off Look.

unnamedMara. Marin County. Spring 2014. Fashion Shot: Eric Tabora

Fashion Notes: Jacket: MCM, Dress: American Apparel, Handbag: Chanel, Shoes: Elizabeth and James, Glasses: Giorgio Armani Aviators, Cuff: Turchin Jewelry

I’m loving my MCM Jacket – it’s so 1980′s, you have to love it.  I am usually not inclined to wear something swimming in logos, but this jacket has hints of humor – I am probably the only one who is in on the joke – - but it’s not cheesy, I swear!

The drop-off style of Miami moms, is really like no other.  Most likely, if you visit Miami, you will feel underdressed and frumpy – not because you are at all, but merely because Miami has a population of women who dress up – even to drop their kids off at school.  You will see stilettos at 7:00 am and curve hugging fabrics – - picture Sofia Vergara waiting at the school entrance to drop off her son.  Yup. I’m serious.

In some ways I really miss that Miami glamour – we have the Latin population to thank for that, but It’s also nice to be able to roll out of bed sometimes, and still feel halfway decent….ummm thank you Northern California.

Here’s a shot of me in my Miami look, if I were to go all out at Drop-Off.  I have another photo in the Mara Style Section of me wearing the identical look, only with a hippie fringe bag, and rock-n-roll boots – it’s pretty unbelievable how those two accessories, changed my entire look…Personally, I feel much more comfortable wearing ankle boots with a dress this short and tight.  Ankle boots really help balance a look that screams “too much”.

Haute Gold Chain. Hippie Dress. Urban Bohemian.


Marin County. Summer 2014.

I love this mom’s style. She knows how to dress for her body. And she has it so right – makes me happy.  The loose skirt paired with a tight tank and belt to cinch in her waist, is so flattering.  Her hippie sandals and yellow free flowing skirt mixed with a thick gold chain, tattoo and denim vest – really balances her look.

When I put clothing together, I have fun and like a DJ, I’m constantly creating mixes- so you love bohemian style, throw on a huge pair of gold hoops and a luxury hand bag – or wear fierce black ankle boots..this is what I call “Urban Bohemian”.  And my favorite, don some thick ankle socks with any shoes, to add a playful element – especially if you look sexy – this will make you look more subtle.

I really liked photographing this mom, she was really cool and liked talking fashion.  And her smile is really what captured me…..

Sexy without Trying. Haute Cali loves Cut-Offs.


Shanna. Fairfax, California. Summer 2014.

Fashion Notes: Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators and Bag: Foley + Corinna

I like how Shanna has a peak of her stomach showing, combined with a loose, bohemian flower top.  Just simple style on a weekend…

Gas Station Haute. Atlanta Drop-Off.


Nikkia. Mom. Atlanta, Georgia. July 2014.

I recently was in Atlanta, it was late and I stopped at a RaceTrac gas station.  I’ve never seen such an enormous gas station – slurpees in every flavor, frozen yogurt  - and lots of unhealthy food…It was booming with activity, people walking in and out buying a lot of energy drinks.

And I have to say, the people watching was quite exciting – who knew, at a gas station in Atlanta I would spot such a great group of people. So as I’m having so much fun with my kids, in walks Nikkia… I go for my camera, and my oldest says “mommy, you can’t take a photo of a mom in a gas station, your website is supposed to take photos of parents at school drop-off.” So the kid is right, but i’ve expanded and grown..drop-off could be anywhere…and nothing excites me more than seeing a mom having a sweet moment with their kid.

I love the small moments in life, and even though I get annoyed with myself for being unplanned and disorganized – I realize I’m actually lucky.  Because it’s my spontaneous nature that takes my kids at 11:00 pm, after a cross country flight to a gas stain for ice cream…and it’s these times where we bond, laugh and where their mom chats with locals.  I think i’m showing them to really “stop and smell the roses”, and to live in the moment  - I think that’s a good thing.

Nikkia was shocked that I wanted to take her photo – but I convinced her how cool she looked.  I loved chatting with Nikkia, and learned that she works at the baseball stadium in Atlanta, so awesome.  Her smile, mohawk, tattoos and bright dress makes for a great look.