Haute Airport. San Franciso Drop-Off.


Christopher and Jordan. San Francisco, California. April 2014.

Met these two urban looking dwellers en route from NYC to San Francisco, Chris has that cool, “I don’t need to try” style.. I even love how he pops his collar up.

Fashion Notes: pretty simple, the grey coat makes the look – it’s classic, and Chris wears it well.

Haute NYC Drop-Off.


Central Park. April 2014.

Jean Paul Gaultier once sent his models down the runway dressed as Hasidic Jews – and many questioned the appropriateness.  I get his appreciation for the “uniform” worn by religious Jewish men, especially in New York City.  It’s amazing style, and it doesn’t come cheap -

I love observing the diverse styles found on every corner of this incredible city.

This is How Tokyo Rolls Baby….


Tokyo, Japan. 2014.

This is how you ride a bike like an urban dweller – the location of the shot could be any major city in the world…grey boots with warm “faux” fur, blazer, black scarf and a pretty adorable kid..fashion moment right here in Tokyo!

And how stylish is keeping the air we ALL breathe clean? Riding a bike is just cool in so many ways…. xxx

Haute Urban Bohemian at Drop-Off. Girl Knows how to Mix.


Araceli. San Rafael, California. April 2014.

Araceli is one of those people, I could photograph daily.  Her style can’t be defined or categorized – she’s “got style” this woman. And the best thing about someone with true style..it’s authentic and creative.

Araceli grew up in San Francisco, a huge influence on her look – - when you are raised in a major metropolitan area, you are constantly exposed – stimulated – educated – by pure presence.  And it shows in her fashion, she is a great mixer..vintage, new, high end, big names, small names..you get my point.  When you are confident in your own fashion ability, it doesn’t matter “what you are wearing”.

Araceli is a yoga teacher, mom, dancer and music lover.

Fashion Notes: will get more details..but her black blazer paired with grey jeans and patent leather oxfords  –with a loose braid screams Urban Bohemian – it’s NYC and SF merged!!


Haute Mohawk Dad. Hardcore Daddy. Cali Drop-Off.


Jason. San Rafael, California. April 2014.

Jason walked into this pizza place with a look reminiscent of the amazing styles seen at  hardcore/punk shows.  It’s awesome to see a sweet dad who continues to express himself as an individual…love this! And love the mohawk, it’s impressive how well held together it is..what product does he use?

Jason is wearing a Noi!se T-shirt, Noi!se is a street punk band based in Seattle.  Check them out at http://destinycitynoise.blogspot.com

April, Come She Will. Haute Drop-Off Mill Valley.



Kris. Mom of three, writer, lover of large accessories, April 2014. Mill Valley, California.

Fashion Notes: Yellow Sandals: Frye, Cut off Shorts: Free People, Tank: LA Made, Pocketbook: Diane Von Furstenberg, Earrings and Necklace: Harp Designs by Shelly Harper (an Oakland, CA designer)

This shot was taken in Mill Valley, California, which is about 15 minutes North of San Francisco right over the Golden Gate Bridge.  This town has quite a history for being a creative mecca drawing in musicians, artists and writers..making Mill Valley have a bohemian feel, even if it currently is one of the most expensive places to live in the States.

In the 1960′s many beatniks called Mill Valley home, even if it was temporary – such as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.  Mill Valley is home to the famous Sweetwater Music Hall, with Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead as one of the owners.  The Sweetwater has an incredible list of talent that plays on their intimate and special stage, in a few weeks Michael Franti will be performing on that very stage.

Mill Valley, although a town now quite wealthy, still holds true (or at least from my perspective) to its liberal, artsy, bohemian and creative history – -so maybe it has many signs of materialism, but it has heart, a creative one.  Walking around this pristine looking town, with it’s gorgeous Redwoods and natural beauty, you will spot lots of residents riding different types of bikes, scooters and things with wheels, In which I don’t even know the name. (and believe me some of these “wheels” cost more then a car)

Kris and her family enjoy the mix of an urban town center a long side indescribable amounts of nature, such as hiking, mountain biking, surfing and whatever else you are interested – and believe me, in this area, its all been done.  Kris not only puts fingertips to keyboard as her words flow beautifully, but she is an avid trail runner  - whatever that means :) well, it means she runs seriously hard terrain.


Haute Designer Levis. It’s Popsicle Time.


Derek. Fashion Brand Marketer. Dad. San Anselmo, California

Fashion Notes: James Perse Sweatshirt, Converse Kicks, Levi’s Made and Crafted Jeans, Fetch Eyewear of Portland

Levi’s Made and Crafted Jeans are well loved by all that slip their bodies into this high end denim – guys, you should check out this jean.

Derek was a fun dad to photograph, he was filled with positivity.  I think because of Derek’s background, he appreciated Haute Drop Off.  Derek ran a marketing group at Levi’s, based here in San Francisco and prior worked for Quicksilver and Puma.

Pitching Papa. Golden Gate Park Drop-Off


Eric. EMT. Dad. April 2014. San Francisco, California

Eric and his son were adorably playing catch on this gorgeous weekend at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  In close proximity was the usual crew jamming in the drum circle on Golden Gate’s famed “Hippie Hill”.

San Francisco is filled with stylin’ parents – it’s awesome to watch–and it makes me feel super stalkerish.  I have to work on being less obvious about checking everyone out…for me, observing street style is comparable to looking at amazing art, but most art can’t shoot you a dirty look….

Have a fun Sunday guys xx


Road Trippin’ Mamma. Tennessee is on FIRE at Drop-Off.


Andrea. The Riverwalk. Chattanooga, Tennessee. April 2014.

Fashion Notes: Shorts: White House Black Market, Black tank: Banana Republic, Gladiator Sandals: Joie, Sunglasses: Versace, Earrings and Necklace: Charriol

All black is chic..it just is..

Andrea and her two young kids are taking a real old school road trip with no road map or plan–as Andrea described, ” We threw our stuff in the car and have been driving where the wind has taken us!”, sounds pretty fun to me.

In addition to being an obviously fun mom, Andrea is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Atlanta and also the Disaster Response Network Coordinator for the Georgia Psychological Association.

Haute Spring. Tokyo Drop-Off. Style even in Uggs!


Tokyo, Japan. March 2014.

Fashion Shot: Barbara Furman

It’s a Spring explosion, with winter boots for good measure…I get Uggs and the comfort factor, I do..and they can look cool, but when something becomes so main stream, the appeal dwindles.  But this mom looks great… and I need to get to Japan immediately!

A great tip friends, small floral patterns are a great distraction from body parts you may want to, well distract from the eye..bikinis with tiny flowers are flattering!! ask the Brazilians