Haute Humans. Purple on the Pavement.

DSC_0043Purple LadyDSC_0056

Tempe. San Rafael, California. January 2015.

“I need to move back to the city, I don’t drive” After taking a photography class last week, I I spotted this amazing woman dressed in head to toe purple.  Selfishly, I held up traffic, while ignoring the honking of cars I was blocking.  As usual, they couldn’t understand the photographic emergency taking place.  Eventually, when Tempe told me I could take a few shots, I illegal parked and did my best.

I have a personal connection to the color purple.  Now, I wouldn’t go near it, but as a kid, like Tempe, I wore it from top to bottom.  And would re-wear the same outfit every day, because it had to be purple…not much has changed.

Obviously, I’m a much better conversationalist then a photographer. With gold sneakers, purple tinted hair and a willingness to talk to me – – this woman had me hooked.  And what city does she love the most? NYC — Temple loves the colors, the people and energy.  Not knowing her situation, but having an idea..I am pretty sure she’s in transition and alone.  With tons of bags on her back and shoulders, Tempe is carrying around a lot of weight..but does so with style and class.

Clothing means a lot more than we think.  I appreciate the effort it takes to express yourself – especially when life is not easy.  Tempe turned and looked at me, as I walked away to avoid being ticketed, and said “I really do love purple and I really enjoyed our talk.”


Brooklyn Family in Panama. Haute Drop-Off.

Eddie 210917071_10204396616174576_7347480602819129239_nEddie 1Veronica and Cruz. Eddie and Cruz. January 2015.  Panama.

Eddie is a an incredibly talented advertising Creative Director in New York City. Working on television spots to online content. Eddie and his family live in Brooklyn, and like the city in which they reside, their family is a gorgeous mix of cultures.  Half of Eddie’s family are New Yorkers and half are Panamanians. Eddie has made it his duty, to expose his son Cruz to his cultural roots.  And the is why Eddie started a blog documenting their adventures experiencing his different cultures. Cruz is African-American, Spanish, German and Irish.

The first shot was on an island in The Panama Canal. The women are Embera indians, part of Eddie’s bloodline.  They loved Cruz and were delighted to take this photo.

The second shot, is Eddie’s wife Veronica looking gorgeous and with a sundress, sunglasses and bright lips.  The third shot was taken in front of Eddie’s childhood home in Panama.  Cruz and Eddie were waiting for the bus to take them to their family farm.  Cruz’s top is called a Montuno, which is a traditional shirt men where in Panama.



Mara Menachem, The Bill Cunningham of Parent Fashion



Well Guys, I’m pretty excited because this really authentic, cool and stylish Miami mama is giving me mad props (I know people don’t say that anymore, I’m bringing it back).  Annhy is like many of my “sisters” who are proud of me, and show me off – usually it involves some weird dorky dance move.  But Annhy who hardly knows me, has taken how embarrassingly describe Haute Drop-Off – usually in a low voice, to not get heels hurled in my direction, and vocalized it loudly.  And I love her for that. We should all, including me, stop being so afraid of exaggerating our skills….Gosh Darn it, I am the Bill Cunningham for Parent Style, and soon enough, The New York Times will add me to their fashion section and my mother will be able to properly show me off.

So Annhy started a great blog, I mostly love it because she’s so honest and funny, and she’s a looker – which always helps. So enjoy this piece about your very own Mara, and read about why I feel guilty at Guilt Free Mom Moments, http://fomib.com/2015/01/23/hooray-haute-drop-off/

Brooding Voice. Haute Musician Papa. Bohemian Drop-Off.


Jeremy. Dad. Musician. Fairfax, California. January 2015.

If anyone could be a style poster child for Fairfax, a bohemian town in Marin County, California–Jeremy would be it. Jeremy has the soul of an artist, and now the soul of a daddy. Jeremy is a musician, playing guitar and singing in the band San Geronimo.  I first heard this band play at a bar, that to me, seemed like it had to be fake and on some movie set. But it wasn’t, this place called Rancho Nicasio is deep in Marin County, and feels like what my image of a 1960 rural hippie town would appear to be.  I even spotted an identical human replica of David Crosby.

Jeremy’s voice is brooding and captivating, but I’m not really a music critic.  What I do know, is that their version of Lyle Lovett’s If I had a Boat will touch you deeply..and make you fall in love with their sound. San Geronimo plays every Thursday at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, owned by famed Grateful Dead bassist, Phil Lesh.  They’ve played at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, as well as many other Bay Area venues.  Click the link below, to check them out:




Haute Fashion in Humid Climates. Miami Drop-Off.

DSC_0035DSC_0034Lisa. Coral Gables, Florida. December 2014.

Lisa always looks put together and does it in a natural way.  This was a weekend morning and she’s sporting a long floral skirt that’s high waisted with a tight tank to show her naturally thin body.  Her accessories are minimal, and I really like the addition of a few gold bangles. Miami is hot, and it’s hard to not wear cut off shorts every day – you kind of really have to think about your wardrobe from a “it’s hot as hell” perspective.

Lisa is currently raising these adorable little girls, while continuing her involvement in several Miami charities.  She and her family live on Miami Beach.

Fashion Notes: Skirt: Ella Moss, Tank top: Theory, Sandals: K.Jacques St. Tropez, Bag: Botkier

Bus Stop Fashion. Haute San Francisco.




Mara. San Francisco. January 2015. Shots by Dara Rose.

Fashion Notes: Frye Boots purchased at the Neiman Marcus outlet in Florida (yay), Bomber Jacket: Zara (purchased a few years ago),  Leggings: American Apparel (apparently these leggings are similar to LuLulemon’s yoga pants, see through), Glasses: Aviators by Polaroid, Earrings: huge fake and gold door knockers, Fanny Pack: a Peruvian friend was wearing this baby she bought while in Peru, and my drooling and obsessing, finally got her to hand it to me..

I wanted to show you how I wore my Miami purchases in San Francisco.  I’m also wearing my repeat accessory, the Colombian Mochila..I  needed another bag for my camera and city stuff. The Mochila handbag, made by the Wayuu tribe who reside in an area that borders Colombia an Venezuela. The art of crocheting these bags are an integral part of the Wayuu tradition, carried on by the tribes matriarchs.  My fanny pack from Peru and Mochila from Colombia, seem to go together. It’s cool wearing a bag that has such a rich history..and without a designer logo.

The City Bag:  When you live in a city, you have to plan your day out and make sure you have everything you need with you.  Not great for someone who finds planning in advance a bit overwhelming. People sport all sorts of day bags in San Francisco, but the back pack seems to rule the roost.  I like a back pack, but kind of wish people mixed it up more, for my own visual stimulation.  And I have to say, San Francisco is the only city where i’ve seen people wearing back packs at bars…No judgement at all, I get needing to have things with you, but maybe something a little cooler–like a vintage army bag, instead of a Jansport.

I’m still exploring San Francisco, and I’m not doing a great job figuring out the layout. Here I am, hailing a bus…do people do that? and it stopped..the Muni bus drivers are used to dealing with tourists and people like me, who like to ask people for directions instead of taking the time to read a map…



Haute Papa at COSTCO. Yup, Mara has no Shame.


Darryl. Marin County Costco. (California) January 2015

Fashion Notes: Arm Ink: In Seattle at Slave to the Needle, fitted button down: Scotch & Soda, Shoes: Cole Haan for Nike, Jeans: Seven.

I normally attest Costco, and find myself annoyed at spending time at a land of consumerism with no windows and items in bulk. It seems so American over consumption..and maybe I sound snobby, but I will tell you I actually had a great time running around Costco this week.  I snacked on delicious Marconi almonds and found a cool looking dad for Haute Drop Off.

I imagine Darryl didn’t expect to be accosted by a fellow Costco shopper, especially one walking around aimlessly quite distracted by all the choices.  But he let me take some shots, and he even re-located to the Mini-Wheats for the Costco photo shoot.

Then, people started asking me for samples, so I ripped open the huge bag of organic dried apples.  I was so good at passing out samples, until a Costco “employee” informed me that I really was stealing merchandise, and needed to leave. (yea, I know, it’s shocking, especially when I was doing a good deed)

Darryl recently re-located from Seattle to Marin County with his family.  He works at Intel as an Engineer.

Curl Doctor. LA Drop-Off. Haute & Famous Hair Stylist Papa.


unnamedunnamedShai. Los Angeles, California. 2015.

Unless you have curly hair, you won’t relate to this at all. But curly hair people stick together, we can relate to the many, many awful hair cuts we’ve received. When I was a little girl, I had long, thick and knotty hair -So thick, I almost drowned from my hair blinding me while swimming.  I wish the former was one of my Mara exaggerations, but it’s actually true. I think that’s when I decided to chop that drowning hazard off, so I looked at some magazines for inspiration. My former self, decided to go with whatever the supermodels were sporting, because at 8 with a heap load of self-esteem (before it was slowly ripped away), I thought I looked very similar to the girls in the fashion rags.

But the issue my friends, was not me; a naive young girl.  The issue was with the hair stylist. How dare she not warn me of what curly, thick hair looks like when it’s short.  Who wouldn’t point out that the model in the fashion magazine I chose, actually had thin, straight and blonde hair – and a thin symmetrical face, I might add?  I was so little, I didn’t even care that after the haircut, people kept saying to my mom, “wow, you have four boys” – it took me a month to catch on to my change from girl to boy, merely from a pair scissor shears.

I grew my hair back (put a stop to all swimming activities), and really had no trauma from the incident. Back then, I had a great attitude about beauty, and rarely showered – so the fact that I looked like a boy, didn’t mean much.  But this incident is only a small example of the hair situations I’ve been involved, because of my curly/wavy hair.  And if I knew someone like Shai, the Curl Doctor, just maybe, just maybe – I could of avoided multiple awkward hair situations over the years.

Shai Amiel is a Los Angeles based stylist, a guru in the curly hair community – with the nickname “Curl Doctor” it’s no wonder Shai has curly hair groupies, including a long list of celebrities.  Shai is the owner and master cutter at Capella Salon in Studio City.  In addition to running this successful salon with his wife, Shai is a dad, who has lots of fun long boarding.

Fashion Notes: Shai loves hats and scarves..and he wears them quite well. He also works in lots of man jewelry – cool bracelets and necklaces..which I really dig. It’s tough for a guy to get away with wearing jewelry, but Shai makes it work like a charm. Please read below for the best tips for curls, Shai’s CurlMandments….beauty tips and wit  – love this dad! If you live in LA, check out Shai at http://www.capellasalon.com



Obsessed. Pointy Nails. Hot Pink Lips. Bling Mania. Miami.


Rhonda. Miami, Florida. January 2015.

When I spotted Rhonda at this kids jump spot, I pretty much ran after her in a crazy way.  Rhonda made an effort, and someone (Mara Menachem) gosh darn it, had to appreciate all of it.

Fashion Notes: Rhonda owns a clothing boutique, so most of her wardrobe is from the store. Her necklace is from Ross, she only paid $6.00!! The nails are a work of art, and obviously she takes great care of them. I love Rhonda’s modern 1980’s punk-like hair, in collaboration with sexy hot pink lips….and then the jumpsuit paired with white combat boots.  The Chanel-like cross body bag ties this look together.

What I appreciate so much about Rhonda, is her individuality which is evident via her style.   Fashion, to me, is about expressing your individuality through clothing and accessories.  Rhonda’s “got it” – she knows how to make a $6.00 necklace look like a million dollars..it could also be her sexy smile.


She Adorns the Famous and the Stylish. Haute Bobbie.

DSC_0060DSC_0083DSC_0056DSC_0064Bobbie. Jewelry Designer. Mom. Coconut Grove, Florida. January 2015.

Fashion Notes: Bobbie: Silk Lace Kimono: Soah, Funky Boho Heels: Ralph Lauren Collection, Jumpsuit: Hommage LA, Fringe Bag (I am obsessed): Purchased in Morocco, All Jewelry: Musa Chloe (Bobbie’s daughter): Dress: Urban Outfitters, Cardigan: Bought in a Vintage store in Europe, Socks: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Thrift Store, Backpack: Kipling, Jewelry: Musa.  Bobbie’s style is very “Mara” – the bag I adore, and the layering of accessories – it’s like looking in a candy store..I want it all!! Including Bobbie’s glowing skin.  Chloe, Bobbie’s daughter adores thrift stores and searching for cool items to wear- she has a great sense of style..and I’m pretty sure I know where she got her initial inspiration.

Musa Jewelry: Bobbie’s company Musa, is the Spanish word for muse.  Musa pieces are not only funky, beautiful and stylish, but each piece has a special meaning and intention.  Bobbie’s designs include various gemstones and crystals, because of the healing powers of these stones.  Many of Musa’s collectors adorn the beads for pure spirituality, and some for pure body decoration :).

About Bobbie: A former magazine writer and stylist, Bobbie began collecting beads during her travels.  Bobbie’s natural bohemian style and sensibility, led her to create unique designs with a deeper meaning.  It’s all very California!  And I’ll tell you, Musa Jewelry has quite the A List following (I’m talking about me, of course).  Although, I’m not one to be impressed with celebrity fashion–I’m proud that Bobbie’s pieces are being appreciated by many majorly fashionable people.

Who’s Rockin’ Musa: Lenny Kravitz has been photographed wearing Musa’s black beads (so sexy on men), and apparently they fell off while he was crowd surfing at a show – -they were quickly replaced on the style icon’s wrist.  Uma Thurman, the Von Furstenberg Family (yes, as is Diane), Marie Chantal of Greece’s royal family and the Givenchy Family are all fans of Musa.  Donna Karan, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez all own pieces from Musa’s collection.  Diane Von Furstenberg’s bed became an impromptu pop-up shop for Musa Jewelry.

For information about Musa and to purchase, click below;