Fashion is Deep. Mara feeling Nostalgic at Drop-Off.


Mara. San Rafael, California. October 2014.

Fashion Shot: Tiphani Palmer

As pretentious as it may sound, my clothing tells a story – I remember each piece and it brings back a memory.  Most likely, because I get excited when I find something cool..whether it’s at a fancy store, a flea market, Goodwill or my Mama’s closet. Because everyone is trying to replicate my style (ha ha), I get asked frequently, “Mara, where do you shop?” – it could be more, “Mara, where do you shop!!!” – the answer is everywhere..I don’t usually have an intention to buy clothing or accessories, it happens when I’m just out in daily life.

What i’m wearing in this photo is an example of my “multi-faceted” approach to fashion.  This sweater, knitted by my mother in the 1960′s is one of my favorite sweaters. And it happens to be “in” right now..I love that it’s fitted and has a preppy/hippie vibe – like I should be laying on the quad at Andover, watching my friends play Rugby. The bucket bag was purchased at a thrift store in Aspen for $25.00.  I remember that day so well, as I spotted this amazing find and made sure no one else beat me to the “bucket” bag. The boots, although a little big, are Miss Sixty purchased at a local consignment store in Marin County, awesomely named Sax.  

Fashion is fun, unique, creative and deep – every time I wear this knitted sweater, I picture my beautiful mama with her long brown hair, and gorgeous lashes in the 1960′s knitting this sweater  -a sweater that one day her daughter would wear. See? Fashion bridges generations.

Fashion Notes: Skirt: Zara, Boots: Miss Sixty, Jewelry: beaded bracelet: Emporium Miami and earrings and bangles: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Sweater: My Mama, Handbag: Dooney&Bourke circa 1980′s and Aviators: Polaroid



Denim on Denim in Brooklyn. SJP Body at Drop-Off.


Franklin Avenue. Brooklyn, New York. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Cropped Jean Jacket, Red Converse, Distressed Jeans, Hair Bun, Cute Dimple–

Loved meeting this adorable mom with a Sarah Jessica Parker body.  She was picking up her kids from school, and happy to pose for Haute Drop Off.

We all Need some Fat. Let’s Get Physical in Style.


Mara and Liam. Marin County, California. September 2014.

Fashion Shot: Neal

I know that so many people wear work out clothing all day.. but can’t we make it more fun? I’ve written about it, in The Huffington Post – that’s how passionate I am about stylish workout gear. Have fun! Add some earrings, or gold shoes  - so what if your feet may be adorned with blisters after jogging in these babies.  At least, you looked cool running – isn’t that most important?

These Hard Tail shorts are short, but comfortable to work out – only issue is they slide down a bit – that’s why I’m wearing the Fanny Pack. Here’s my article about being a style icon in workout gear. Try it – it’s fun!!! Maybe the accessories will slow you down, but we all need a little bit of fat anyway -

Fashion Notes: Shorts: Hard Tail, Sneakers: Ash, Headphones: Skull Candy, Tank: H&M, Glasses: Polaroid Aviators in Gold, Nails: Gold.

Dads are Haute In Brooklyn. Sweet Beards at Drop-Off.


Brooklyn, New York. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: A little army fatigue, Black army boots, Beard, Tattoos, Large watch..and a pair of adorable kids.

In NYC, you find so much..and I happen to walk by a school as the bell was ringing, and here he walks out..Full on Mara Menachem attack..he obliged.

For tips on all things beards, my gentleman friends:

Bed-Stuy. Urban Haute. Brooklyn Drop-Off.


Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. September 2014.

I won the style lottery, when I walked by a school dismissal in Bed-Stuy yesterday.  Brooklyn is a fashion candy store for my eyes – urban coolness is on every block.  And I love being the not-so-silent observer.

Bed-Stuy, made famous by Spike Lee in his debut film “Do The Right Thing” and in the 1990′s by Bed-Stuy raised, The Notorious B.I.G or Biggie Smalls.  The area a true representation of a New York neighborhood, through the diversity of its residents – even now as wealthier residents are moving into the area, Bed-Stuy with all the changes, good and bad- remains a one of a kind place.

This morning I ran into some of the parents I photographed, and I felt like I was part of this amazing neighborhood – I know locals!!! And I know local Haute Parents.  Welcome to Brooklyn.

Fashion Notes: Huge hoops, Black Leggings, Red Converse low tops, Hair in Bun, Black Blazer and cool glasses.

Haute Miami Heat. NYC Drop-Off.

DSC_2287New York City. Fifth Avenue. September 2014.

Love this dad’s Miami Heat hat..see Miami is “cool” even in NYC. And I kind of dig with both ears pierced..

These sneakers are probably a brand I should know, but I don’t..I didn’t have time to ask him… Men who love sneakers spend serious money on them. Love how his daughter is posing like a pro…

Haute Blues. Bright Baskets at Drop-Off.


Anna. Mom. Artist. Art Teacher. San Rafael, California. September 2014.

I see people, mostly women carrying baskets all over Marin County.  We borrow so much from other cultures – Outside the States, women have been carrying baskets for hundreds of years…I guess we are now realizing it’s an easy way to carry our “stuff”.

I haven’t given “the basket” a try – -but I just may. Chanel has a “basket bag”, you think major designers will come out with luxury baskets? Most likely.

Birkenstocks are huge now!!! I’m excited for this – I never fell out of love with good, old and hippie “ish” Birks!!

Haute Hats. Happiness in Central Park.

DSC_2326DSC_2327Central Park.  New York City.  September 2014.

Obviously, I fell in love with this moment I witnessed on a bench in Central Park. Mother and daughter love, and it came with stylish hats.  The lacy shorts on this mom, look so sweet and remind me of the English Countryside.  When I usually see lace shorts, they look a lot different – and on me, another story :)

And then of course the teddy bear, hanging on the bench..this is beyond special. Glad I had the pleasure of capturing it for you…xx

Black Leather and Ice Cream. Haute Mama NYC.


New York City. September 2014. Ice Cream Truck on Fifth Avenue.

First of all, I told you guys EXPOSED BRAS are “in”.  I couldn’t’ crop this woman out of the photo, so here is an example of the “bra frenzy” happening right now.

It’s tough to look put together on a hot September day.  Especially dealing with kids and sticky ice cream.  This Mama does it well. I love the way black clothing looks on blondes – and black leather.

Picture me (Mara) in this look, I would probably look like a cast member of the Jersey Shore..I could not pull it off. But this mom looks great.

NYC is a visual playground..and the styles vary like no other city. Happy Tuesday friends. I will be happy if I get to shower today :)

Mara’s Run DMC Style. Gold Chains at Drop-Off.


Mara. Marin County. September 2014.

Fashion Notes: Denim “dress”: Zara, Gold Heels: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent. Bag: Chanel, Gold Chain with Vintage Coin: Shandi Levy Jewelry, Bracelets: purchased in markets in Turkey and Botswana. Gold Oversized Aviators: Polaroid, Nails: Gold.

It’s an exciting time for me in fashion.  As you know, I am heavily influenced by urban street style. I’m an extremist in many ways, for instance, I love crazy, long nails or super short nails – but not into an in-between length.  Bigger are always better when it comes to earrings, partly because I have an insane amount of hair.  Small accessories are pointless, who would see them?

My friend Shandi Levy, NYC based jewelry designer, made me this special necklace with an oversized Napoleon looking man coin attached.  Shandi knows if I could, I would dangle a Mercedes emblem from my ear and neck – but those are hard to find in 2014. She found this enormous coin, to satisfy my craving for the oversized and gold accessories.

Back to my point, Chanel’s latest advertisements are taken on the street, with huge pad locks attached to gold chains – think bicycle locks, only Chanel and about $2,300.  Additionally, models are wearing bright, colorful sneakers..almost like those light up ones you see on toddlers.

Now wear did Chanel come up with this? On the streets of Paris, Rome, Tokyo, NYC and London – I’ve seen women wearing these sneakers paired with mini-skirts and shorts all over the place. And I keep repeating, RUN DMC style… The rap band Run DMC’s 1980′s looks are almost identical to what’s on the runway.

This is a thrilling time for me, because I love nothing more then huge gold chains, earrings and denim.. I realize this long denim jacket i’m wearing, is not really a dress..but that’s never stopped me before. I’m pulling it off….and thanking Run DMC for influencing style, even in 2014.